Kawakin Sangyo Co., Ltd. is performing sale and processing of nonferrous-metal material.Please leave stainless steels, copper elongation goods, aluminums, brass materials, and copper alloys to our company.

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We can perform 20 or more kinds of processing. By combining them, we can make anything.


It can respond to various processing by the kind of tool to attach.
In a horizontal milling machine besides drilling, flattening, stepped processing, and grooving, cutting of a material is also possible using a metal saw.

Lathe machining

A thing to be cut is rotated and it cuts by the fixed tool (byte).Processing called straight turning, boring, drilling, screw-thread cutting, cutting-off is mainly performed.


EDM sends the copper electrode etc. which were made by the form corresponding to form to form so that it may bring close to a workpiece.
In almost all cases, an electrode and a workpiece are performed in the state where it soaked in oil.


WEDM discharges by turning on electricity to a copper wire, and processes it by destroying a metal molecule. By non-contact processing, since electricity only flows from a wire, when a workpiece is too hard, or also when too thin, processing is possible.

Sheet metal working

Sheet metal working is shearing a metal plate, bending, drawing, piercing, and processing it with a press machine or various kinds of machine tools.

Laser machining

Laser processing refers to the processing method to melt, and to cut by the energy of laser. The laser transmitted using a reflector etc. from a laser oscillator is thinly extracted with a condenser, and a sample is irradiated.
It is made to melt locally by this, and also assistant gas is sprayed from the nozzle arranged on laser, and molten material is spurted out off and cut. Cutting of ceramics, resins, and composite materials can also be performed as well as metal. Moreover, since the cutting curve is small, high-precision cutting is possible.

Water jet machining

Water jet processing is the method of cutting with the high-pressure water (or water containing an abradant) injected from a nozzle. With the jet stream of ultra-high pressure, almost all materials can be cut in free form. Since heat does not occur at the time of cutting unlike laser processing, there is no heat influence in a workpiece and there is neither deterioration nor discoloration. Moreover, there is also no air scattering of poisonous gas or cutting waste.

Gun drilling

It is possible to drill a deep hole correctly with a drill-like edged tool. Processing of a depth of about 700 mm is possible. It is suitable for water lines processing for cooling.

BTA machining

BTA processing makes chips discharge by high pressure using a lot of cutting oil, and cools an edged tool. Deep hole processing is enabled and the finished surface of the feature is more beautiful than the conventional gun drill processing.

Turret punch press working

Several metallic molds from which form differed are arranged in the metallic mold holder called "TARETTO" of the shape of a circle, or the shape of a fan. By NC control, it pierces in the predetermined position of material (work) by arbitrary metallic molds, and forming processing is performed.

We can perform 20 or more kinds of processing. By combining them, we can make anything.

Welding processing

Welding is the work which makes two or more components melt and unify. Differing from adhesion is a point which melts the mother's body (material to join to) physically. Methods of melting mother material include heat, pressure, etc. It is the feature of welding that a junction part has continuity with a molecular level. Super-quick delivery is realized.

Planer processing

It is a processing method which engraves a long material with a slot etc.


Highly precise processing can be performed compared with a milling and lathe processing. The main polish methods are surface grinding, jig grinding, external cylindrical grinding, etc.

Centerless grinding

It is the polish method of grinding through a material among 2 rotating whetstones. In accuracy of dimension, surface roughness, and deviation from circular form, it becomes highly precise than the drawing products.

Barrel polishing

Barrel polishing is the method of grinding by putting a workpiece with a particle-like abradant and intermediation material (compound) in a barrel, and making a barrel rotate and move up and down. It is effective, when removing a fine crack, putting a gloss or removing a burr.

Electrolytic polishing

Electrolytic polishing is the polish method of dissolving the convex part of a surface of metal and acquiring a shiny side, by making metal turn on electricity as plus in the suitable electropolishing solution.It is often used especially for stainless steel, aluminum, etc.


It is the polish method performed to the thing of comparatively easy form, such as a tabular thing and a cylindrical thing. Good gloss is obtained by performing polish processing by the buff made of cloth. Besides mirror finish, hair line finish is also famous.

Heat treatment

There are hardening, tempering, annealing, nitriding, high frequency hardening, and vacuum hardening, etc.

Surface treatment

There are electroless nickel plating, galvanization chrome plating ,tin plating, copper plating, silver plating, gilding, and blackening, etc.

Alumite(white, hard, black)

It is the technology which electrolyzes water, is mainly oxidized in strong acid by making the surface of aluminum into the anode, and is coated. The coating is called oxide film. It is used for the purpose of the corrosion resistance and abrasive resistance improvement in aluminum, and the object for an ornament.

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