Kawakin Sangyo Co., Ltd. is performing sale and processing of nonferrous-metal material.Please leave stainless steels, copper elongation goods, aluminums, brass materials, and copper alloys to our company.

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Kawakin Sangyo Co., Ltd.

The check of a standard

Please let me know the material, size, and the number. We check a standard, and if it is outside a standard, we will propose the best courses also including manufacture.
Processed goods
Please submit projects (drawing etc.) and let me know the time for delivery of your choice. We would propose the best method.


We answer an estimate at the best price quickly.


It is processed with a state-of-the-art machine tool. We perform quality control checks after processing and promise high quality.


We ship also abroad.

Kawakin Sangyo Co., Ltd.

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Kawakin Sangyo Co., Ltd.

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