news Kawakin Sangyo is performing sale and processing of nonferrous-metal material. Please leave stainless steels, copper elongation goods, aluminums, brass materials, and copper alloys to our company.

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Information of the Saga factory establishment


Now, I am increasingly delighted with health and prosperity.

Thank you very much for usually giving me your exceptional kind consideration

As the production base where this time and our company are new It is scheduled to establish a manufacture factory to Kashima-shi, Saga.

At the time of establishment of a new factory, it is improvement in the further production capacity. I will strengthen correspondence power and will strive to be able to answer to your reliance.

I ask you to give me your support guidance in the future.


New factory address:

1430-15, Tnidachou, Yamaura, Kashima-shi, Saga-ken, 849-1314

Factory establishment day:

July 16, Heisei 30

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